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After designing the website for Café aux 4 Jeudis several years ago, the customer has decided to trust us again to do a complete redesign of its website to make it more interactive. To achieve this goal, we’ve worked with the client to include a video that plays in the background to give visitors an [...]

CDIL is a project development company with a focus on pre-development of energy infrastructure projects in Africa. Their Ottawa team asked us to design their logo and temporary Web page. A full Website should be developed later. Meanwhile, you can still visit their temporary Web page!

We are currently working on a Website for Karine Bergeron Design, interior designer in Gatineau. Meanwhile, here are the logo and business card we designed for her.

Sometimes we design logos and business cards, when our clients are nice with us. Here are the logo and business cards we designed for MAE Style, specialized in home staging in Gatineau.

The project L’Art prend la clé des champs (When art is let loose in the fields) is structured in three movements. Why do we speak of movements? Because the regional agrifood industry is anything but static and it is constantly evolving! Thus, we wish to deal with the past, present and future of agriculture in [...]

Clarence Rockland Family Health Team gave OLA the mandate to overhaul their Website for a second time. We worked with them to create a Website that is clear and would emphasize their services as a group of fourteen family physicians and other associated healthcare providers who offer comprehensive primary care and some emergency care services [...]

Les Maisons Chartro, a team of passionate and knowledgeable people to help you buy your dream home! A brand new name, new site, same passionate team, located in Gatineau! Our team has designed a new Website that also means a new beginning for Louis and Sylvain Charbonneau, who are taking over from their brother, Paul-André [...]

Our team had the opportunity to work with the Native Alliance of Quebec in order to do a full overhaul of their Website. The new Website now offer an interactive map that allows the visitors to view all of the communities, active or not and to visit their respective pages. A bit of fresh air [...]